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Verena Popp-Hackner and Georg Popp, are full time professional landscape photographers, based in Vienna/Austria. For almost two decades now, we are carrying our large-format photography gear across the planet, trying to find exciting and lesser known wild regions or at least new ways to present the well known places in a fresh look. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t – in any case, the journey always has to be the goal. Making a living as landscape photographers means much more to us than just taking photographs of landscapes. It's a lifestyle - some kind of philosophy.

Our original background comes from being outdoor-enthusiasts, seakayak-adventurers, traveling the globe with (very) low budgets for as long as the money lasted. Documenting and writing about our little adventures and the places we got to see, was the first step into photography and it's business, for we thought it might be a chance to keep on traveling without ever having to work... (little did we know!)

Shooting assignements for magazines and ads followed and were a good way to find out what we loved to do most: we skipped all assigenments and concentrated solely on landscape photography, letting no one dictate our pace of work or places we want to go. Looking back, it's been a rollercoaster ride ever since, with all it's ups and downs and hard, hard work. But it was the best business decision we ever made!

Being parents oft two daughters - Stella (* 2001) and Livia (*2003) - forces us to balance time spent in the fields and office with time spent together as a family. We would never want to miss either of these!

Our work has been published in magazines, books and calendars all around the globe, has been used for advertising and presented in many exhibitions. (we quit counting and listing a long time ago, because in the end it doesn’t matter – we love what we do, no matter the outcome!) All in all we have published six coffee-table format photo books. We run our own business - an independent „picture library“, keeping all image rights in our own hands and we opened a little photo-gallery here in our hometown Vienna in 2012.

We love the chance to present our work here on the World Wide Web but we much prefer meeting people in real life and talk to all of you! We also enjoy to read and hear from anyone who wants to say 'hello'!

Verena and Georg
Vienna, Febuary 2013

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