Yes, we do run workshops. But not often.
Currently we do solely concentrate on 1:1 workshops, which are more or less tailored individually to each specific client. Themes of our workshops could be getting to know a specific location, trying to create a landscape photograph or discussing theoretical subjects, such as finding out, how the business of nature photography looks like behind the scenes. Sometimes it will be a mix of all of these subjects. 1:1 Workshops will be held either by Verena or Georg - not both.
For that matter, it makes sense to contact us beforehand and let us know, what you are mainly interested in. Since we do not have the time to run many workshops, we'll also want to see some of your work upfront. Sometimes you'll have to expect some waiting time, since we are often gone on photo-trips for many weeks. Once you contacted us, we'll give you all the infos and explain in detail, what to expect and what not.

In any case, our 1:1 workshops are (minimum one) full-day only and have to be booked and paid in advance. (preferrably via voucher system)

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Rates (excl. taxes) are.
- € 550,- / 1 day (minimum)
- € 1000,- / 2 days
- € 1400,- / 3 days

Multiday rates count PER VOUCHER - it doesn't necessarily mean, the workshop has to take place in consecutive days.

We can be hired for group workshops - which will be held by BOTH OF US - but currently do not organize them ourselves. Please contact us directly by phone or email, if you wish to book us for an extended workshop.