After many years (10 to be exact), our website underwent a major relaunch!

There are lots of new features and changes. A very important - and certainly the most extensive and troublesome - part of the new site is definitely the "Image Library". It is still in an relatively early stage but we are working constantly, to build up the number of available (tagged) images. (currently only a few sections have a noteworthy number of images up. We hope there are no difficulties in finding what you want and make use of the (free) access via the Log-in section.

The "Portfolio" section provides a quick overview of our work, similar to what the "Gallery" section used to be on the old site. "Portfolios" seemed a much more appropriate term, because this is what it really is. Similar to the Image Library, we are still adding Portfolios in the near future.

The "Gallery"- menue on this new site, refers to our - very real - gallery, here in our hometown Vienna and explains many details, which have sometimes been unclear so far.

Of course, in the end it all boils down to the images, which will - so we like to believe - need no further explanations. We hope you enjoy the new website and let us know any suggestions you might have, remarks or general thoughts.

As always, we will be happy to hear and read from you!

Vienna 2013 Verena & Georg