Gallery will reopen in December 2013

Our gallery is currently closed due to a guest exhibition. (from Oct 25th - Nov 10th: Peter Richter - please contact him for infos on that).
It will remain closed until first week of December.
In the meantime, some of our prints can be seen at the Photo Adventure 2013 (Nov. 16th/17th) and at the Reisesalon in the Hofburg (Nov. 22nd-24th 2013).

The Popp-Hackner Photo Gallery will reopen in the first week of December with exciting new work and a "Chrsitmas Special" - More infos on that plus exact date and time will be posted here - we hope many of you will stop by!


"Falling Waters"

Kurier FREIZEIT (Weekly supplement) features our images in a 12-page portfolio of Austrian waterfalls.

Here is a LINK to the very beautiful online version of the magazine!