Photo-Travel update

Febuary and March we - ok, not exactly "we", only one uf us... :-( - will be in New Zealand (yes, once again! - but for good reasons...) almost for the entire two months.


July and August will see us in Western Australia (yep, once again!), exploring some places we hadn't had the chance to see so far. Fortunately WA is big, so despite the combined seven months, that we have been roaming the western part, there is still lots to see. Direction Island, Dirk Hartog Island here we come. Our good old Landcruiser (see pics below) and the rooftop-tents will be happy again...
Of course the "Wild Vienna" - www.wienerwildnis.at project will keep us very busy here at home, too, there is a good chance, (one of us) will hit the cypress swamps again - most likely in autumn.
There are some other plans in the pipeline but nothing fixed at this time.

2014 - here we come! :-)