Nationalpark Austria Scholarship

You can now apply for a "Nationalparks Austria" scholarship!
Doesn't THAT sound nice?

It all is organized by the Ministry of Environment

Here is the Link to what it all is about:

Six scholarships are available - five for young/upcoming writers and journalists, one for upcoming professional photographers. Winners of scholarships will spend some time with "mentors" (professionals of their respective industry) in the field and either write about it or work on a photo-story.

Chances are, Verena and I will be responsible for the "photography-mentor part"!
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So if all this sounds intriguing enough for you, you can apply for the scholarship until March 28th 2014! Better hurry up! ;-)

You can find lots of infos about Austrian's six National Parks in our coffeetable-format books: "Wildnis in √Ėsterreich - Die Nationalparks" (2003 by Styria) or "Die √∂sterreichischen Nationalparks" (2010 by Leykam)
Both books are available via our Website (send Email) or from the publisher.