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Enjoy the moment

Fewer photographic option may also mean more time for "wild" experiences...
Enjoy the moment

Back in days of film, no one really knew exactly how images would "turn out", at the moment she or he took them. Sometimes we saw the results only several months later, layed out on our large light table, when the trannies had returned from the lab. For the ones, like us, who still use film, it's - of course - still that way. Photography wise there is probably no advantage to that, more the opposite. At least a few things are still as valid as they were 20 or more years ago: Since view cameras are capable of taking images with front to back sharpness (due to the Scheimpflug effect), no focus stacking is needed, the resolution is up with the best D-SLR's and Fuji Velvia is fine grained enough, you don't need any noise reduction software. We also felt, the fact that you can't immediately judge your shot on the screen on camera was teaching you to be very selective in what you did. (of course it was, there was no other option..!) Would we have wished for instant control? Yes, definitely. 


There is no need to argue with us, we know all the arguments of digital capture being so much superior over film. They are all true.


BUT what we are trying to say is this: Life wise film is better! Compared to what so many photographers are now trying to achieve in one moment at the samt time - focus stacking, panorama stitching, starting the drone, video filming - there are SO many option nowadays. Getting the shot right with 4x5 means quite some fumbling with knobs and tiny wheels, too, but once you got what you wanted - you can just spend more time soaking in the scenery in front of you. 


And in places like this, that is all that matters...


Southwest National Park, Tasmania, Australia

Toyo Field 45 AII, 75mm lens, Fuji Velvia.