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Special Moments

Unique light- or weather conditions may not represent the average experience for a visitor to a certain place on a random day but they are still the moments, most of us landscape photographers strive for.
Special Moments

We’ve been told numerous times, that many of our images were too pretty. Usually pointing to moody or dramatic moments, images with fog, early or late light, dark clouds – whatsoever. Given they are real, so the point of critic, no other person visiting these exact places or viewpoints would see them like this, leading people to a disappointing experience. 

So? We never wanted to "lead" anybody to anywhere anyway. And what would be so very disappointing then? Would it be sad, that no fog waits for the late hiker or no sunrise lasts until midday? If not the opposite, there is no way, we care, if anyone else will experience these exact moments. We’re just (photographically) saying you CAN and they do happen. And it’s these moments, that remain in your memories for a long time. 

Be glad if you do. But you can also stay in bed and still experience it, by hanging a high end photographic print on the wall, taken by some of us photographers, who go out there and bring them home. It spares you all the hazzles of hiking up a mountain in the dark, deal with thunderstorms, the dangers of being bitten by deadly snakes out in the wild, carrying tent, food and water along with heavy photographic equipment for days on end and into an unforgiving wilderness. 

It's what we do, to get photographs like this. 

Florentine Valley, Tasmania, Australia.

© Popp-Hackner

Toyo Field 45 AII, 210mm lens, Fuji Velvia